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Why We Show Up

I began showing up for myself in January of 2021. I said yes to the idea of a sober month in hopes that something in my life would change for the better and what I got in return was a year of growth, healing, and transformation.

This January I have decided to write every day for a month and to invite you to do the same. If you'd like to join me in sobriety, love it! But also know that these prompts are all people friendly, no journey excluded.

Before we go, any further - here is today's journal prompt:

What do you want out of this month and this practice? What are you searching for out of journaling and/or sobriety for this month?

If a month feels to big, ask yourself why you showed up today. What would you like to feel and what do you feel like you are gaining out of journaling? For me I want this month to be all about self exploration and self acceptance. For me and for all of you.

Regardless of what you're quitting, abstaining, or starting this month - I want these journal prompts to be invitations to yourself and all the layers that you hold. Self acceptance has been my ticket to healing but before we even accept we must learn and I hop these questions help y'all learn a little more about the magic that is in all of you.

A lot of these questions will be open ended and kind of vague in hopes of letting your mind wander. You cannot win this practice by trying to complete it perfectly, you are simply here to honor this practice and show up as often as you can and by learning about yourself whenever you have the space to do so.

The questions are meant to be short if you want them to be short and long if you want them to be long. There are no time or page limits. Once a day, if possible, ask yourself some questions - judgment free - and allow some shame free self exploration and radical self acceptance. If you do this, you may just let in self compassion too and holy fuck does life get real sweet when we start to show ourselves compassion.

That's where the work is for me right now. Letting myself show up judgment free. I've begun to really accept who I am so I am becoming capable of showing up more often but I don't always show up judgment free. I want the things I create and the way I interact to be SO GREAT - so much so that sometimes the paralyzing obsession with doing well stops me from doing anything at all. So for me, this month is about showing up and doing the work regardless of the outcome. I am going to write alongside all of you because I want to start writing more. I want to write every day and I would like to connect with my writing on a more regular basis.

That means giving myself permission to post things that aren't perfect. To simply write the words and push publish. To relieve myself of the pressure of perfection because it doesn't exist. Creativity is accomplished by doing the thing - not perfectly, not for praise, not for money - we grow just by showing up.

So I'm doing the damn thing. For a whole month, I am promising to share prompts with you everyday and write some words along with you. Here in the this space, you can set up an account and leave comments and interact with one another. I want this month and this space to be safe so racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, and anything just plain unkind will be deleted. I am so excited to wake up every morning and meet you all here.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and a part of my world. I'm so glad you're here.

Hope you'll join me as often as you can this month, happy journaling my loves.


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